Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Know The Differences Between Different Web Hosts

There is a lot of confusion regarding all of the complex terminology and lingo that flows across the Internet on a constant basis; web hosting is one of those terms that has been lost to the confusion. Web hosting isn't about the design of your site, but the quality and reliance of the servers you choose to support it.


These tips can help guide your decision a little better.


What types of sites does your hosting site offer? A lot of the time, free sites offer only static pages, which means you can't add any custom language scripts. A paid host account will entitle you to more flexibility.


Not only do you need to select a good web hosting company, but you need to select the right package. Usually the more expensive the package, the more bandwidth you receive as well as disk space. Disk space is important because it is where all of your pages and site information is stored. You need a large amount of disk space in order to have an advanced site.


You can choose to have multiple web hosting service providers if you would like in order to maintain IP address diversity. This is important to some people's business to pad security and other reasons. There are several ways to do this, so if it is also your concern, look into using multiple web hosting services.


To prepare yourself for the experience of using a free web host, get used to the idea that you will have a lot of downtime. Staying up all the time takes some specialized equipment that free hosts don't really have the budget for. As a result, your site may be down more than it is up.


Figure out how much bandwidth you need before shopping for web hosts. Keep in mind that you need more bandwidth if you plan to include photos or videos on your website. Compare different bandwidth plans and purchase a plan that gives you a little more bandwidth than you need so that you have room to expand your site.


Many web hosts rely on other major hosts. These types of companies buy huge blocks of web server capacity at a bulk discount, then re-sell it in smaller chunks to individual web site owners. Find out if your host has their own servers and where they are located. If your host relies on another company, perhaps you can find the exact same kind of hosting at a lower price from another company.


Make sure you understand how much bandwidth you are allowed to use for web hosting. Even if you have a lot of space available to store your site, you will need a sufficient amount of bandwidth to allow people to load your site quickly and to increase your traffic. Stay away from a web host that overcharges you if you exceed your allowed bandwidth.


Now you understand what it really means to host a website, so you can pay attention to these small details that you may have overlooked normally. It's always great to know what goes on behind the curtain.


One day, you may even decide to handle your hosting needs yourself and that's when things will become really interesting!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Web Hosting Advices for Traveling

Have you ever read through your web host's bill, and had a little shortness of breath about the total? Web hosting can be much cheaper if you know what you are looking for. Do your research and find a great deal by implementing the tips that can be found in this article.


Make sure the host you choose has minimal to no downtime. It is frustrating if you try to log on to your site, and the server is down. If you have a business that relies on the internet for sales, this means you will lose a lot of money because your site is not operable.


Go for Linux hosting unless you need to use certain applications or server-side languages. Linux hosting has a better reputation for uptime, stability, and resource use. Shared hosting that runs on Linux tends to be somewhat cheaper, as well. There are, however, certain applications that need Windows hosting, including Plesk, Microsoft Access, Silverlight, MSSQL, and ASP.net.


Instead of finding a great web hosting company, start your own web hosting company to service your own needs. This can provide many benefits including secondary income and free web hosting if your business takes off. This is a great way to think like an entrepreneur, and make some money instead of paying for web hosting.


When searching for the right web hosting service, you need to remember the importance of a website running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without constant technical interruptions. Do your research, and know which companies are not just available and cheap, but reliable enough to trust with keeping your website up and running.


When choosing a web hosting service, refrain from going with the recommendation of friends or family who are not professionals. Though they may have had a good experience themselves with a certain provider, realize that their needs may be very simple compared to yours. Read reviews and advice from those who have needs similar to your own.


If your web hosting service does not notify you of planned outages, you should change. A professional service needs to do some maintenance on their servers and be able to plan when your site will be done. If you never receive this kind of notification, look for another service who communicates with their clients.


Read the terms of your contract before subscribing to a web hosting service. You should look for a guarantee that your content will be updated right away when you upload it to your server. Remember that your visitors want up to date content and you will not be able to meet their expectations with a slow web hosting service.


These tips have shown you how to find web hosting at a more reasonable price, while getting service that is just as good or better. Your web hosting provider plays a large role in the performance of your website, but it need not be priced outrageously. Follow the advice provided in this article in order to acquire a web hosting solution that is well suited for your website.



Friday, October 9, 2015

The Best Website Hosting Tips On The Internet

The Best Website Hosting Tips On The Internet

An important part of setting up a website is finding a reliable web hosting service. There are many different services out there, and it can be difficult knowing which one to choose, since different websites will have different needs.


The following advice should make the selection process a little bit easier.


Make sure that you think of smoking as an all or nothing situation. Do not argue with yourself in your head about how much you think you need to have a cigarette. Anytime you feel the urge to debate try to remind yourself of the reasons that you are quitting.


Do not use identical services for both your domain name registration, and your web host services. In the event one should fail, the other will still be accessible. This will make recovery on a new server go more smoothly. Do not put your technological faith into one web entity. If you register your domain through the same company that provides your web hosting, you may lose control of the name in such circumstances.


Make sure any offers of "unlimited" data transfer are actually unlimited. Many web hosts advertise unlimited data transfer in their offers, but tuck exceptions in the terms and conditions for the package. Common exceptions include video or non-HTML file downloads being limited, limits on CPU utilization, and general prohibitions on using "too many resources."


After you have your site up and going, it is important that you gather statistics about your site. These statistics tell you many things including how many customers and their actions. Find a great web hosting service that provides these types of statistics for you to make business decisions about.


When searching for a reputable web host, you should aim to find one that has all the important documents. These include terms of Service, Acceptable Usage Policy, and Privacy Policy. These documents are meant not just to protect the host, but also the users. Ensure that when you find these documents that you look over them really carefully. If you can't find these documents on a host's website, then you should look elsewhere.


Your web hosting provider should offer packages that allow your site to increase in size without switching providers. A single page composed of HTML may not take up too much space, but images and videos quickly gobble up space. Look for a plan that gives you 100MB of space to develop your website in the next year or so.


You should always backup your data on your own, instead of relying on your web host to protect your information. The more backups you keep of your data, the more protected you will be. Before paying a hosting provider, ask them about their backup services and how much redundancy protection they have available.


As you have seen, choosing the right web hosting service can mean the difference between success and failure for your website. Before you make this important choice, you need to do your research and know more about web hosting.


Remember what you have learned in this article, and the process should go more smoothly.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Saving a Life with Todays Advances

Saving a Life with Todays Advances

In the fast paced world of innovation where people consider technology as their way of living brings majority change in their outlook in life. According to Internet Live Stats 3,037,945,788 people are using internet around the world. These people consider themselves techy in a way that they use the power of technology to make their life comfortable. The power of innovation brings a lot of advantages to the new world and opens the door of opportunity to every establishments around the globe.


The millennium generation professionals paved its way on discovering the world of Information Technology and I am one of them. We contribute our skills and knowledge about computer and its programs. People call us computer geeks because we have this unique skill that can change the era of the world. This skill makes us one of the best innovators even at our early age. As I master the art of creation, I began to establish my real identity in life. I may feel different than the others because my ideas were extraordinary and see the world as a room of diversity.


Living alone in my apartment gives me room for self-growth. I usually want to be alone and work on my pieces. The codes that I generate requires time and effort so I can perfectly put it into a great product. I usually spend my time working and eating. I believe that fulfillment in life comes from within and I am perfectly fulfilled living my life like this.


My life does not only involve the gadgets that I used, surfing the internet whole day but also making my favorite cat pet live his life productively. Yes, I have a cat and he’s been with me for 2 years now. I consider him as my best buddy. During my break time, we usually stroll in the park and let him play with other kids. One day, as I was talking over the phone when he got himself injured because of him clumsiness.



Monday, October 5, 2015

My Take on the World Today

I look at the world with my technical kaleidoscope because I want to digitize everything that I put my hands on. It’s like an inborn feeling – well, I always knew that information technology and I are made for each other. But then, there came in my kitty and we made a perfect trio.


IT became my passion and my cat and I made a great team. I am almost seeing everything with binoculars and I share one lens with my cat – this is like having to share a binary code system. The one zero one or zero one zero, whatever it is, we share everything because I happen to spend the largest portion of the day with my cat around myself, if not right in my lap. Even when blogging here, the cat has to meow and grab my attention so I can work properly rather than get distracted. It might seem weird, but that’s how it works. My cat knows my daily routine and fits perfectly in every corner.


This cute fluffy ball of fur is not only innocent but very playful at the same time. It keeps me active and up for keeping myself abreast of what’s happening in the IT world so I can not only learn about it but also write. IT matters aside; my cat makes my whole life wonderful.


I care for my kitty just as deeply as I care for my passion in IT. We make a trio after all. Okay, stubborn cats can be tough to tame especially when they look so adorable that you have to listen to their every nutty idea, be it going out in the cold or messing the floor with their food so they can play. I am mostly in a quandary because I really want my cat to play around as seeing her makes me happy but I have to ensure its safety and wellbeing too.


It’s not just vaccination. I have to be on my toes for any unprecedented injury or illness my pet might face. And oh well, I can’t quite control its snacking habits, but I need to ensure good digestion so it doesn’t slow down its own day and mine.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Servy Buddies Today

Are you looking for a proxy server that will give you fast and secure service? At Proxy To Go you will never need to worry. You don't need any software, just plug in the URL and click browse and you will be able to visit most sites without a problem. Are you ready to get started?

When I started working as an online Telemarketer, I was really in the depth of challenge for almost 2 months. Everything was new to me except for the fact that I really love doing sales. Being in the field of sales is one of my greatest assets even when I was still studying. I remember how I always sell my old stuff to my friends and get a good deal out of it. I become popular because of my PR and good communication skills but my weakness is being an internet junk. 

I have difficulty applying all my thoughts in just a click of using the power of technology. That’s why when I decided to apply for Telemarketer position where I need to face the computer all the time, I become hesitant. But my employer assisted me and offered training ground so I can familiarize the basic.

During my training session, our coach introduced to us the importance of proxy server. I searched online on what this program is all about and with what I have learned, “A proxy server is a computer that offers a computer system service to consent customers to make indirect network links to other network services. 

The client will connect to the proxy server, and then requests a connection, information, or other source available on a different server. The proxy provides the resource either by connecting to the particular server or by allocating it from a cache. In some cases, the proxy may alter the client's request or the server's response for various purposes.” 

I did learn a lot from the training session and that is why I trusted Proxy To Go so much, because for the fact that you can use it for free online it also serves convenience for me.

After our training, I gained a lot of weight since I keep on eating and I don’t have exercise at ll. My training coach told me about this over the counter phentermine. It is a natural fat binder supplement to help reduce obesity. I tried to use the product and started to change my habits. 

I discipline myself to do exercise every morning and have a balance diet. I was really delighted with the result that made all my friends and family keep asking about my secret pill. I feel more confident now than ever before.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

My Passion for Computers

I became interested in computers ever since my dad bought me a personal computer when I was 10 years old. I started browsing its features and tried all the softwares that I could use there. I remember one time when I was playing “paint” software and drew my cat. I used all the available colors in the palette and I was so amazed with my creation.

It’s funny to think how it all started. After the internet became available for use, I always go online to surf and explore different blogs and social media sites. I can still remember my first Friendster account and how I customized my own page. My friends even asked me to create their accounts and display their pictures there.

When I entered college, I decided to take Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. I never doubted my skills because I believed that I could cope with all the academic challenges. I would not forget the day when my professor asked us to develop our own website and our grades will be based on its aesthetics.

It took me about two weeks to work on that. I spent sleepless night just to finish the project and I even asked suggestions from my friends about it. A week after I submitted the url to my professor, he announced in class that I got the highest grade and the University even asked me to improve its own website. Hard work was really paid off. I graduated with Latin Honors and I am really grateful that I became a pride and joy to my parents.

I currently manage now my blog about several IT tips. I get paid for answering some questions about computer-related topics. I also work part-time as an online manager for a prestigious company in the country.

I got good results and started also to blog about it. I was inspired to blog by a fellow blogger I met named CiCi Elle. She started a blog that has become very successful now.

Blogging about what I am passionate about is relaxing for me. I can write everything that I feel. I can also help others through my blog.



Cici Elle